Anatomy of Structures

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Anatomy of Structures is a 3-day immersive course designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, techniques, and tactics for successfully navigating and fighting inside structures. Our principal and procedure-based system emphasizes problem-solving and decision-making skills, enabling you to operate effectively in high-stress situations.

To ensure a realistic training experience, we utilize Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) as part of our curriculum. UTM is a non-lethal training ammunition that allows you to train in a realistic environment while minimizing risk to yourself and others.

During the course, you will learn about building layout and design, room clearing techniques, and basic CQB principles, including threat priority and reduction of angles. We will teach you how to identify potential threats, clear rooms and hallways, and safely maneuver around obstacles. Our approach is based on reducing angles of exposure with angles of attack, which is crucial for operating within a structure.

At the heart of CQB are procedures, which consist of techniques and skills. By gaining a deep understanding of how these building blocks fit together, you will be able to effectively apply them in a real-world setting. You will also learn about the benefits of procedure-based training versus tactic-based training, and how it can enhance your decision-making ability under pressure.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to operate effectively in a real-world CQB environment. Whether you are a law enforcement professional, military member, or civilian looking to improve your defensive capabilities, this course is designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

This intensive 3-day course consists of 8-10 hours of focused instruction each day


UTM Handgun Rental & Ammo: Included In Cost of Class

Range Fee: Included In Cost Of Class


Class Gear Requirements:

  • Quality Eye Protection (wrap-around style or no gap between face and glasses highly recommended)
  • Handheld Light
  • IFAK

Rifle Gear Requirements:

  • Rifle That Supports a UTM AR-15 Bolt
  • Sling On Rifle
  • Light Mounted To The Rifle
  • 2 Magazine Pouches

Handgun Gear Requirements:

  • Holster That Supports Glock
  • 2 Magazine Pouches
  • Weapon Mounted Light

Recommended Gear But Not Required:

  • Plate Carrier
  • Battle Belt
  • Helmet

Class Prerequisites:

  1. Know, Understand, And Be Able To Apply The 4 Firearms Safety Rules At All Times
  2. Fundamental Knowledge Of Firearms Platform Student Will Be Using
  3. US Citizen or ITAR-approved person


Class Guidelines:

There will be an intensive cleanse of all live firearms, ammo, weapons, etc.

Students will need to bring their drinks, snacks, and all meals to class with them.


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