Anatomy of Structures - Diagnostics

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Anatomy of Structures - Diagnostics

Defensive Elements Anatomy of Structures Diagnostic CQB class is a highly immersive and intensive 3-day course that equips students with advanced skills and techniques to successfully navigate and fight inside structures. Building upon the foundational principles of Anatomy of Structures, this course places particular emphasis on providing a comprehensive overview of Close Quarters Battle (CQB) tactics, procedures, and principles, enabling students to reduce angles of exposure and increase angles of attack in a dynamic environment.

Throughout the course, students are challenged with a series of rigorous and complex problem-solving scenarios, designed to strengthen their understanding of fundamental CQB principles and procedures. The curriculum progressively advances to low light force-on-paper exercises, followed by opposed CQB runs in intermittent lighting conditions.

This course curriculum is carefully designed to impart in-depth knowledge, including advanced techniques for controlling ingress and egress points, dealing with complex room geometries, and executing dynamic movement in confined spaces. Additionally, students learn advanced communication techniques, team coordination, suspect control, and dynamic problem-solving strategies.

Upon completion of the Defensive Elements Anatomy of Structures Diagnostic CQB class, students possess a well-rounded understanding of the fundamental principles and tactics necessary to succeed inside structures, making them an invaluable asset to any tactical team. This class offers a unique and immersive learning experience that empowers students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate and prevail in complex CQB environments.

This class is an intensive 3 day class where each day will be 8+ hours.


UTM Handgun Rental & Ammo: Included In Cost of Class

Range Fee: Included In Cost Of Class


Class Gear Requirements:

  • Quality Eye Protection (wrap around style or no gap between face and glasses highly recommended)
  • Handheld Light
  • IFAK

Rifle Gear Requirements:

  • Zeroed Rifle That Supports a UTM AR-15 Bolt
  • Sling On Rifle
  • Light Mounted To The Rifle
  • 2 Magazine Pouches

Handgun Gear Requirements:

  • OWB Holster That Supports Glock
  • 2 Magazine Pouches
  • Weapon Mounted Light

Recommended Gear But Not Required:

  • Plate Carrier
  • Battle Belt
  • Helmet

Class Prerequisites:

  1. CQB Class from Defensive Elements or Joe Weyer at Alliance Police Training
  2. Know, Understand, And Be Able To Apply The 4 Firearms Safety Rules At All Times
  3. Fundamental Knowledge Of Firearms Platform Student is Using
  4. US Citizen or ITAR-approved person


Class Guidelines:

There will be an intensive cleanse of all life firearms, ammo, weapons, etc.

Students will need to bring their drinks, snacks, and all meals to class with them.


By signing up for the class, you accept and agree to follow the refund policy.


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    profile shot of a Defensive Elements student in a shoot house ANATOMY OF STRUCTURES - DIAGNOSTICS

    Posted by William Farner on 1st Jun 2023

    A fantastic the class that I will continue to attend every year for the next few years. The instructors where all fantastic and delivery of information was clear and easy to understand. Every scenario was well planned out and made for an overall amazing class. 10/10