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Elemental Handgun

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Elemental Pistol 

Elemental Pistol is a comprehensive course designed for shooters of any skill level, focused on developing the fundamental skills needed for effective handgun marksmanship. Throughout the course, students will learn and practice essential techniques and principles, including body mechanics, recoil control, sighting methods, trigger manipulation, and drawstroke.

Instruction will progress from basic concepts to more advanced techniques, and students will receive individualized attention and guidance from experienced instructors. Topics covered will include grip, stance, sight picture, trigger control, iron sights and red dots, drawing from a holster, shooting on the move, engaging multiple targets, and performing reloads and malfunction drills.

Safety will be emphasized and reinforced throughout the course. Students will learn how to handle their firearms safely and effectively, with a focus on developing good habits and responsible practices.

At the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of defensive pistol shooting. They will have the skills necessary to effectively and safely use their handguns for self-defense purposes, regardless of their prior experience level.


Class Gear Requirements:

  • Quality Eye Protection (wrap around style or no gap between face and glasses highly recommended)
  • Electronic Hearing Protection
  • IFAK
  • Appropriate Clothing & Footwear for expected weather conditions 
  • Notebook & Pen 
  • Sharpie Marker 

Handgun Gear Requirements:

  • Quality Firearm 
  • Quality Holster
  • Minimum 5 Double Stack Magazines for Firearm (Single Stack Minimum 10 Magazines)  
  • Minimum 2 Magazine Pouches
  • 1000 Rounds of Ammo 

Recommended Gear But Not Required:

  • Spare Handgun 
  • Plate Carrier
  • Battle Belt
  • Helmet 
  • Weapon Mounted Light
  • Handheld Flashlight 
  • Sunscreen
  • Liquid Chalk 
  • Hand Towel 

Class Prerequisites:

  1. Know, Understand, And Be Able To Apply The 4 Firearms Safety Rules At All Times
  2. Fundamental Knowledge Of Firearms Platform Student is Using
  3. US Citizen or ITAR-approved person


Class Guidelines:

Students will need to bring their drinks, snacks, and all meals to class with them.


By signing up for the class, you accept and agree to follow the refund policy.