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Dueling Dots

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Introducing Dueling Dots, the exciting shooting game that is perfect for your next target practice session. This paper target measures 8"x11" and features a strategic pattern of black and white dots, providing a challenging and entertaining game for two shooters.

The objective of Dueling Dots is simple: go back and forth with your partner trying to clear all your dots first. Each turn requires accuracy and speed as you aim to stay ahead of your opponent. However, be cautious as a missed shot or hitting your opponent's dot could give them the advantage they need to win.

The excitement of the game increases when you and your opponent are on the final circles. If you both clear the last circle, a tiebreaker round will be initiated, decided by the closest round to a small dot made with a sharpie marker.

Dueling Dots is an excellent way to improve your aim, reaction time, and competitiveness. You can also increase the difficulty level by adding par times or increasing the distance from the target. The game is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced marksmen.

Order your Dueling Dots today and challenge your shooting partners to the ultimate target game showdown!